The very rare Sundays I have off work are spent in a constant state of calm. So I felt inclined to write an expression of my recent constant state of infatuation also.

power up

one of my favourite things is machines and gadgets coming back to life after the power out ends.   going to write a poem about this

Poem dated July 2011

Could you devour my loneliness? My stomach is full, aches, and I have but one on my plate – That reoccurring monster, monstrous mound Looking like mud, tasting worse. My head is spinning from wine, It reddens my face, as does your boyish charm, Turns my cheeks crimson, my body trembles underneath yours. Kiss my…

sleepy afternoon

here I’m supposed to be a great poet and I’m sleepy in the afternoon here I am aware of death like a giant bull charging at me and I’m sleepy in the afternoon here I’m aware of wars and men fighting in the ring and I’m aware of good food and wine and good women…